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The importance of having your own website in addition to your social media accounts.

Emilyo Aguinaldo is one of our virtual professionals, just like Juan Luna who is also a virtual professional with unique skills as a freelance Virtual Assistant. Now, think about virtual professionals like Apolinario Mabini and Melchora Aquino; they have their own websites where they can showcase and demonstrate their talents, knowledge, and skills.

Having your own website is like having your own gallery where you can display your work and demonstrate your talents and skill.

~ Chris Delali

Emilyo, just like our virtual professional Juan, wants to share his talents, knowledge, and skills with the world. He can do amazing things, just like Apolinario can build websites and Melchora builds mobile apps. To let everyone know about his talents, knowledge, and skills, Emilyo has two options: he can either join other virtual professionals on social media, or he can have his very own website (just like Apolinario and Melchora).

Now, being with other virtual professionals on social media is fantastic because many people people visit social media to see posts and updates. They can watch Juan and other virtual professionals (including non-virtual professionals) use their talents, knowledge, and skills; but there’s a small catch. Emilyo doesn’t fully control everything there. Social media platforms decide some rules, like when and how he can use his talents, knowledge, and skills.

That’s where having his very own website becomes important. In his own website, Emilyo can use his talents, knowledge, and skills whenever and however he wants it, just like Apolinario can update his website whenever he wants to. He can write about his accomplishments (create content), decorate his website however he likes (design), and invite people to see his demonstrate his talents, knowledge, and skills (visitors to his website).

People who offer services to others when they cannot provide their own services to themselves, is like a carpenter offering to build someone a house when they can’t even build one for themselves.

~ Chris Delali

The cool thing is, when people see him with other virtual professionals on social media, he can tell them, “Hey, I also have my very own special place (website) where I use my talents, knowledge, and skills even more!” So, potential clients who may need his talents, knowledge, and skills can visit his website anytime they want.

Having both the virtual professionals team-up on social media and his own website is like having two ways to share his showcase and demonstrate his talents and skills. It’s important because, in his website, Emilyo has more control, just like how Apolinario controls his website. He can build a professional image for others to take him seriously who may need his talents and skills, just like how other virtual professionals gain more and more referrals from their current and previous clienteles.

So, having a website in addition to social media is like being a virtual professionals with a team-up and your very own special place. It gives Emilyo more freedom to share his talents and skills and reach more people who truly need his services. Just like virtual professionals like Apolinario and Melchora , Emilyo can have both – a team-up and his own website to shine.

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Meta Description: Explore the importance of having a website in addition to social media for Emilyo Aguinaldo, just like superheroes teaming up and having their own secret hideouts. Discover how it gives him more control to share his super skills.
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